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About RMSS

RMSS is a leading Enterprise Risk Intelligence solution provider, delivering integrated risk, compliance, event and claims management software.  Enterprise Risk Intelligence or ERI is the collaboration and analysis between the often disconnected functions within an organisation of risk management, compliance management, event management (risk occurrences) and claims management. Our product, The RMSS Suite, is utilised across a diverse range of business sectors by many of the world’s largest corporations and government organisations.


RMSS developed and patented an innovative process for conducting quantified risk assessments across multiple risk categories as part of an integrated approach to managing and reducing true enterprise risk.  The RMSS Suite’s dashboard and reporting capability extracts real time information from across a disparate range of risk, compliance, event and claims management categories providing enterprise intelligence used by our clients to prepare informed and strategic decisions that facilitate the delivery of business objectives.


Using the latest Microsoft ASP.net technology, RMSS’ zero footprint web application can be accessed via a fully managed online cloud service or installed on premise, depending on the specific requirements of an organisation. Integrating with all forms of modern mobile devices including smart phones, The RMSS Suite allows for seamless scalability and growth in parallel with organisational maturity and demand.


The product design philosophy delivers incredible user delivered flexibility, including the ability to change terminology throughout the entire application, design individual specific workflows and create and customise reports. The RMSS suite is the product of several years of dedicated research and development and investment that delivers the world's most powerful integrated risk, compliance, event and claims management technology - enterprise risk intelligence.