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Frequently Asked Questions

RMSS answers frequently asked questions. This is a great way to get an overview of our company, solutions and products. Please contact us if you require further information.

RMSS is proud of its proven ability to meet the widely varying needs of all organisations, no matter the size, industry or solution requirements. RMSS' solutions allow organisations of any size or industry to immediately harness the benefits of integrated risk, compliance, event and claims management, without lengthy, painful implementation processes. Access to RMSS' comprehensive industry specific databases provides your organisation with the tools to proactively address risk, ensure compliance to multiple obligations, and manage unexpected events and claims.

RMSS offers three solutions to accommodate differing business requirements:
Yes. The RMSS solution uses Web Services to seamlessly interface with many existing HR, Finance and Payroll systems.

For more information, please see RMSS’ Web Services White Paper, or contact RMSS.


RMSS' application is a web based solution, hosted using Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). The solution requires the Microsoft .NET 3.5 framework to be installed on the web server. 

For a copy of RMSS technical specification document, please contact RMSS.

RMSS has a user base of over 60 clients, spanning an impressive range of industries and sectors across the globe.

RMSS services clients across a number of industries, including:
  • Automotive
  • Business Services
  • Education
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Financial Services and Insurance
  • Aviation
  • Ports
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Power and Water
RMSS is proud of its proven ability to meet the widely varying needs of different industry sectors, organisations of varied sizes, and diverse solution requirements.
RMSS offers a range of solutions with differing implementation requirements. RMSS Subscription offers a preconfigured, industry-specific solution that requires only username and password for immediate access and use. RMSS ERI provides a comprehensive Enterprise Risk Intelligence solution that can be seamlessly implemented according to your organisation’s specific requirements.

For more information about RMSS’ range of solutions, visit RMSS Solutions or contact RMSS.
Yes. RMSS’ highly flexible solutions are completely configurable to your organisation’s existing terminology and risk models, initiating as little change management as possible. This ability to adapt to each of our client’s unique requirements offers the ultimate tool for managing all aspects of risk, compliance, events and claims within one dynamic framework.
Yes. RMSS is happy to demonstrate its range of solutions subject to certain confidentiality arrangements and looks forward to discovering how our Enterprise Risk Intelligence solution can assist your organisation. Please contact us to arrange for a live demonstration.
RMSS is a proudly Australian-owned company with its head office based in Brisbane, Queensland. RMSS also has Australian offices in Melbourne, Victoria and Perth, Western Australia; as well as international offices in New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom.