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Having the wrong software is like having the wrong people

Date: 27.09.12 - Thursday - 11.00am-11.30am (Brisbane Time) - Webinar via GoToWebinar
Organised By: RMSS  |  Type: Webinar


In business environments that are adapting and developing more and more every day, finding and adopting the right risk and compliance management software solution can make the difference between business success and failure. 

When evaluating a large-scale or enterprise-wide technology purchasing decision, there are many internal and external factors to consider including business requirements, cost, return on investment, cultural fit, resources, projected needs for the future and the impact on the outcomes and objectives of the organisation as a whole.

Implementing the wrong software in an organisation can have a significant effect on organisational resources and the bottom line as people are the most basic core to the business. Some of the implications of the wrong risk and compliance software solution can include the following:

    • Increased time and cost to implement software
    • Increased time taken to realise benefits/limited to no benefits at all
    • Increased / complex training requirements
    • Change management challenges
    • Increased pressure from stakeholders for the right information and outcomes
    • Detrimental effects on the bottom line


Key benefits of attending:

    • Overview of the risk and compliance software decision making process
    • Key considerations for organisations in making a decision
    • Implications of selecting the wrong software
    • Benefits of selecting the right software.


Who should attend?

This is a must attend event for risk and compliance decision makers who are currently in the market for a solution or who are interested in reviewing Leading Practice for requirements gathering and future consideration.


Andrew Howarth, 'The father of Enterprise Risk Intelligence'

Andrew Howarth is the founder and CEO of RMSS and has been instrumental in developing a new paradigm shift in risk management called Enterprise Risk Intelligence. Andrew’s achievements include over 18 years in senior risk management roles with multinational organisations throughout Australia and Asia. At RMSS, Andrew’s expertise in implementing Enterprise Risk Intelligence solutions has assisted clients across a broad range of industries to more effectively manage enterprise risk by integrating the previously disparate functions of risk management, event/incident management and compliance. In addition to Andrew's experience in the field of risk management, he has formal qualifications in the form of a Master of Business and Technology (Risk Management) from the University of New South Wales. Andrew is also a regular speaker on risk management and Enterprise Risk Intelligence related topics at various risk and compliance industry seminars and events.

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