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Enterprise Risk Intelligence Solutions for the Asia Pacific Region


Enterprise Risk Intelligence Solutions

RMSS is a leading provider of Enterprise Risk Intelligence solutions. We deliver best-practice risk, event, compliance and claims management software, providing organisations with the necessary solutions to achieve core strategic objectives.

It is essential for organisations to have an integrated view of risk, event, compliance and claims data to increase operational intelligence and facilitate efficiency, productivity and increase profitability.

RMSS' solutions provide benefits to local and multinational organisations in the financial services, education, government, manufacturing, oil and gas, power and water, aviation and ports industries.

Local and international risk and compliance standards

Our flexible and scalable solutions facilitate compliance with key local and international risk management standards such as ISO 31000:2009, COSO and Basel II for complete enterprise risk management.

Global coverage via a network of strategic partners

RMSS' offices are located in Australia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and the United Kingdom. Our best practice solutions are also delivered via our strategic partner network providing local industry knowledge, expertise and technical support.

Our flexible and scalable industry-based solutions are suitable for any size organisation's individual requirements offering both perpetual licence and Software as a Service options.