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RMSS Products

RMSS' Enterprise Risk Intelligence solutions integrate best-practice risk, compliance, event and claims management.

Our solutions are flexible and scalable and can be tailored to an individual organisation’s requirements, offering both perpetual license and Software as a Service options.

As part of our solutions, RMSS offers the following products to streamline best-practice Enterprise Risk Intelligence. Use a combination of these products as an integrated tool, or singly according to your business’ requirements.


Key Benefits:

  • Improves decision making and understanding of risk exposure via consolidated live reporting across disparate risk registers
  • Quantifies compliance and performance using flexible, real-time audit framework
  • Increases productivity with automated reporting and communication
  • Facilitates compliance with key local and international standards including Risk Management Standard AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009, Basel II, COSO, Compliance Management Standard AS 3806, and Workplace Injury and Disease Recording Standard AS 1885
  • Intuitive and user-friendly for rapid user uptake
  • Zero footprint, web-based software ensuring minimal impact on IT resources
  • Mobile technology for onsite risk identification, capturing of incident data and assessment