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White Papers & Recorded Webinars

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RMSS’ white papers share our industry knowledge of key Enterprise Risk Intelligence issues and offer solutions for your organisation. RMSS’ white papers are designed to assist you and your organisation to make business-critical decisions. RMSS' series of best practice webinars cover a range of risk management and compliance related topics. Recorded versions of the webinars are available to download here. Register to access RMSS white papers and recorded webinars and discover business benefits, developments in technology and proven methodologies.

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Recorded Webinar - Uncovering the Return on Investment and Value of Enterprise Risk Intelligence

The ultimate value and power of Enterprise Risk Intelligence (ERI) lies in the ability of organisations to tap into the ‘intelligence’ by integrating what most often have been disparate functions of compliance, event/incident and risk management. RMSS invites you to view a recorded webinar that will examine how to unlock the Return on Investment (ROI) and tap in to the value of Enterprise Risk Intelligence (ERI) for your organisation utilising real life industry examples.

Resource type:  White Paper     Date:  01.05.19

Recorded Webinar - Having the Wrong Software is like having the Wrong People

In business environments that are adapting and developing more and more every day, finding and adopting the right risk and compliance management software solution can make the difference between business success and failure. Implementing the wrong software in an organisation can have a significant effect on organisational resources and the bottom line as people are the most basic core to the business.

Resource type:  White Paper     Date:  01.04.19

Recorded Webinar - Managing Risks in Capital Projects

Many industries undertake multi-year, capital-intensive projects in the normal course of their business. These projects can be highly risky due to their extended duration, large capital cost and complex nature. Robust risk and compliance management practices can add value in assessing, measuring and monitoring risk in capital projects.

Resource type:  White Paper     Date:  01.03.19

Whitepaper - Buy vs. Build

This whitepaper provides organisations with more insight into the strengths and weaknesses of buying vs. building Enterprise Risk Intelligence solutions.

Resource type:  White Paper     Date:  01.02.19

Recorded Webinar - Risk Management Software, Buy vs. Build

The buy vs. build decision is very important and complex for organisations. Do you purchase a software application to solve the problem at hand, or do you build your own solution?
In most cases, both options will be represented by organisations, arguing in favor of one approach or the other. But it's important that the final decision be made after a careful evaluation of the alternatives and not as a result of assumptions about internal abilities or the capabilities of a solution.

Resource type:  White Paper     Date:  07.01.19

Recorded Webinar - Overcoming challenges to deliver leading practice OHS and Injury Management

Workplace injuries can have a significant impact on your organisation. Managing the health of injured employees is critical to rehabilitation and successful re-entry into the workplace. A focus on injury management and sustainable return to work outcomes can promote faster recovery and reduce the overall impact on affected personnel and costs to your organisation. RMSS invites you to view a recorded webinar that will discuss the key challenges of delivering best practice OHS and Injury Management, and importantly outline how such challenges can be overcome.

Resource type:  White Paper     Date:  01.12.18
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