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RMSS Solutions

All organisations require integrated business processes to improve operational and strategic planning and reduce the impact of unexpected events and compliance breaches.

RMSS delivers best-practice risk, compliance, event and claims management software, providing organisations with the necessary solutions to achieve core strategic objectives. RMSS is proud of its proven ability to meet the widely varying needs of different industry sectors, organisations of varied sizes, and diverse solution requirements.

With a user base of over 60 clients, spanning an impressive array of industry sectors across the globe, our solutions' ability to adapt to each of our client’s unique workflows and terminology ensures that they are the ultimate tools for managing all aspects of risk, compliance, events and claims within a single, dynamic framework.

RMSS' solutions can be tailored to an individual organisation’s requirements, offering both perpetual license and Software as a Service options.

Additionally RMSS offers a range of solutions that are preconfigured with industry-specific risk, incident and control framework data to facilitate rapid uptake of the application and provide immediate results.

Key Benefits:

  • Improves decision making and understanding of risk exposure via consolidated live reporting across disparate risk registers
  • Quantifies compliance and performance using flexible, real-time audit framework
  • Increases productivity with automated reporting and communication
  • Facilitates compliance with key local and international standards including Risk Management Standard AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009, Basel II, COSO, Compliance Management Standard AS 3806, and Workplace Injury and Disease Recording Standard AS 1885
  • Intuitive and user-friendly for rapid user uptake
  • Zero footprint, web-based software ensuring minimal impact on IT resources
  • Mobile technology for on site risk identification, capturing of incident data and assessment