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Enterprise Risk Intelligence for Educational Institutions

Key Risk Management Challenges

Risk is inherent in all academic, business and administrative activities. Consequently, Educational institutions are faced with a range of challenges when trying to mitigate risk on a daily basis.

Challenges include:
  • The volume of staff, students, international students,
    contractors and visitors to manage
  • Multiple faculties across numerous campuses
  • Students working in a field environment for
    practical assessment
  • Students involved with international and
    domestic travel
  • Medical, scientific and engineering courses in
    high risk environments

Our Solutions

Educational institutions must implement a dynamic risk management system to improve operational and strategic planning, reducing the likelihood and impact of unexpected events and compliance breaches.

To accommodate the unique business requirements of Educational institutions, RMSS offers three types of packaged solutions: RMSS Subscription, RMSS Lite and RMSS ERI.

RMSS Subscription and RMSS Lite provide Educational institutions with preconfigured industry-specific data to facilitate rapid uptake of the solution and provide immediate results.

RMSS ERI is comprehensive and customisable according to individual organisational requirements. It merges compliance obligations, management of events and enterprise risk management frameworks for complete Enterprise Risk Intelligence.

RMSS' Education solutions incorporate industry-specific data enabling the user to assess risks, record incidents/events and conduct audits/observations simply by logging on. Below are examples of the solutions' capabilities, currently in use in Educational institutions. Select any of the items for further details.

Identify Risks: 
Create a risk assessment, identify risks/hazards to be assessed, controlled and monitored.
Event Graphs:
Display data relating
to events that have occurred. Can be generated by severity.
Audit Reports:
View audit reports by percentages and graphs to obtain a snapshot view of results.
Risk Score Chart:
Displays average risk scores for newly assessed and reassessed risks for each month.
Risk Matrix:
The system enables multiple Assessment Models. Users can select the model to
be displayed.

Next Steps

For more information about our Education solutions, please download our Education datasheet and contact us to arrange a live demonstration of our software.