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Compliance is the process by which organisations identify and meet their strategic obligations whether arising from laws, regulations, industry codes or organisational standards.

In the face of heavier regulations, breaches of compliance and risk management are increasing, incurring harsher penalties for non-compliance.

To maintain high standards of compliance, your organisation needs an efficient and cost effective compliance and auditing solution that delivers real and tangible value.


Our Product

The compliancemanager supports all areas of compliance including OHS, quality assurance, environmental management, risk and financial,  regulatory compliance, corporate governance, vendor assurance, contract management and project compliance.

With mobile tools allowing on-site and offline auditing, corrective action tracking, and the capability to handle any type of audit, inspection or daily check, compliancemanager provides the key to effective compliance management.

The compliancemanager is a zero footprint web-based product. With all the advantages of RMSS’ unique flexibility, the compliancemanager can be tailored to your company’s requirements regardless of industry or size.

The compliancemanager will assist your organisation with:

  • Audit planning and scheduling

  • Audit checklist or workpaper setup and management

  • Audit conduct, online or in the field

  • Audit reporting

  • Corrective action generation and tracking

  • Management reporting and analysis

  • Enterprise-wide identification, assessment and control of risk

  • Workplace surveys / inspections / observations

The RMSS Suite delivers broad and widespread integration with increased types of stakeholders within your organisation. The functionality allows contract workers, volunteers and any classification of employee to have ‘free’ access to the required aspects of the system of work or workflow built into and around the risk, compliance and event / incident management framework. 


Part of this continued investment in research and development is the restricted user (or non-licenced user) dashboard known as publishmanager. publishmanager provides innovative and flexible communication and access with large groups of people (stakeholders) such as restricted users/non-licenced users. The publishmanager can be used to deliver content throughout your organisation such as legislative and regulative obligations, policies and procedures and generally any document that needs to be available as part of managing a complete quality system of work and communication network. publishmanager can deliver multiple digital forms that are completely interactive. 


Using the publishmanager delivers the option of authenticating these restricted users/licensed users; even though they are not licensed users, via an automated API from the RMSS Suite integrating with the existing organisational system for employee authentication. Restricted users/ non-licensed users are identified and The RMSS Suite uses the associated metadata; such as their contact details, digital footprint, position, location etc, limited only by the existing information collected and maintained within the organisation.


The compliancemanager provides an automated system of work that facilitates compliance with Compliance Management Standard AS 3806:2006.

The compliancemanager can be used as a stand-alone system, or can integrate with riskmanager, eventmanager and claimsmanager or enhancement products for an enterprise-wide, comprehensive business tool.

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