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The management of liability claims is a highly regulated process. Complex claims arising from adverse events can drastically drain vital resources and affect future liability costs.

With increasing penalties for unsafe business practices, implementing an effective safety management system with a strong focus on claims and injury management is essential.

Your organisation needs the most effective software tool to achieve best practice claims management: claimsmanager.


Our Product

The claimsmanager is a complete claims management tool streamlining an enterprise-wide safety process, including both injury and risk management. The claimsmanager links an organisation’s claims management to a risk-based approach, reducing risks and potential costs associated with managing work-related claims.

The claimsmanager ensures appropriate allocation of resources, reducing the long term costs of workers’ compensation claims.

It facilitates comprehensive reporting of an organisation’s claims position, identifying high risk cases, duration rates and cost data. The claimsmanager is a powerful web-based tool to manage all aspects of workers’ compensation claims management.

The claimsmanager meets the following business requirements:


  • Creates and manages claims cases

  • Supports multiple jurisdictional scheme requirements

  • Ability to track and control claims progression from registration through to closure

  • Records payments

  • Fully integrated document management

  • Reduces claims costs and outstanding liabilities through workflow capabilities

  • Reduces re-insurance costs and overall license fees

  • Manages litigation cases

  • Liability and review capabilities

  • Configured with mandated National Data Set fields and codes

  • Automated user-defined reminders and escalation rules

  • Powerful and flexible reporting capabilities including payment and claims forecasts

  • Data submission reporting to appropriate regulators


The claimsmanager can be used as a stand-alone system, or can integrate with riskmanager, compliancemanager and eventmanager or enhancement products for an enterprise-wide, comprehensive business tool.

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