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An event is an occurrence or incident that causes an interruption to standard operation, whether it is a risk that has eventuated, or a lack of, or break in, compliance to law, policy, procedure, licensing, standards, etc.

The impact of events can range from insignificant to critical. Organisations must have well developed processes to manage their impact, whether financial, environmental, workplace injury/illness, complaints, property damage, or security breaches.

An integrated, automated event management system with effective notification, investigation and reporting capabilities is essential.


Our Product

RMSS’ software solution will enhance the efficiency of your event management process. Your organisation will be provided with a powerful tool to keep track of events and their potential loss, their causes, controls and treatments.

The eventmanager simplifies the task of recording and managing events, providing a single point of data entry. Following a unique workflow that allows even non-system users (such as contractors) to notify of potential incidents, the eventmanager then follows the traditional process of recording, investigation, correction and review.

The eventmanager facilitates notification of any event type in an intuitive, user-friendly format. eventmanager’s flexible framework can match your organisation’s existing terminology and workflow of data capture for each type of event, whether environmental, security, financial, health and safety, etc.

The eventmanager can be implemented to meet the following business requirements:

  • Record full range of events and incidents (environmental, quality, complaints, injury, near miss, property damage, security)

  • Record investigations of incidents

  • Notification and escalation driven by severity and workflow

  • Investigative workbench for Root Cause Analysis, linking risks, corrective actions and prevention

  • Tailor workflows and questions by event type

  • Integration with the riskmanager to prevent event reoccurrence

  • Hotspot images for pinpointing events onto photographs and diagrams

  • Provides repository to upload and manage documents, images, reports and other event attachments
    e.g. AVI files

  • Standard reports include event details, event register, individual action, completed action, overdue action, incident/injury reporting (LTI, MTI, FAI graphs), frequency calculator, indicators, links with risks and compliance obligations.

The eventmanager provides an automated system of work that facilitates compliance with Workplace Injury and Disease Recording Standard AS 1885.

The eventmanager can be used as a stand-alone system, or can integrate with riskmanager, compliancemanager and claimsmanager or enhancement products for an enterprise-wide, comprehensive business tool.

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