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Risk is traditionally seen as any threat to an organisation’s success.

Risk management is the process of recognising risk and developing                                   methods to both minimise and manage risk.

Effective risk management is a powerful tool and can be a source of

continuous operational improvement. An integrated, efficient risk

management system enables organisations to become more

anticipatory and operate more strategically. 

By proactively searching out rewarded risk opportunities,

organisations can focus on the pursuit of value for all key


Our Product

The riskmanager is risk management software that provides a seamless and integrated approach to managing risk.

Using a unique patented process of master risk categories (e.g. health and safety, security, projects, environment, liability, public image, strategic etc.), the riskmanager is configured to integrate with existing business processes and risk management models.

The riskmanager:

  • Captures risks from disparate risk methodologies into a strategic risk register

  • Promotes efficiency and reduces operational costs via a centralised live view of risk

  • Drives risk monitoring processes by compiling risk score metrics and methodologies

  • Delivers risk management processes that establish a transparent and uniform approach to risk

  • Plans and organises appropriate risk controls and techniques to efficiently minimise financial loss

  • Provides comprehensive, flexible reporting

  • Drives efficiency through escalation rules and tasks for notification

The riskmanager provides an automated system of work that facilitates compliance with key local and international risk management standards such as AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009.

The riskmanager can be used as a stand-alone system, or can integrate with compliancemanager, eventmanager and claimsmanager or enhancement products for an enterprise-wide, comprehensive business tool.

The four pillars of the workflow driven by the Risk Management Standard ISO 31000 (2009) - Identify, Assess, Control and Monitor/Review form the structural plan and product design.

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