RMSS offers comprehensive training for all its products.

We believe that initial and regular training will maximise your investment in our solution and ensure its smooth and efficient integration into your current business processes. 

Training comes directly from the people who know the system inside out: RMSS.


One-on-one Application Training

One-on-one Training offers your organisation a customised training session to suit current application requirements. This training incorporates organisation-specific terminology and workflow for ease of reference.

This personalised approach will allow Administrators or Users to fully understand the methodology behind each work process and navigation.

RMSS will develop each agenda in consultation with your organisation, defining key focus areas for the one-on-one training session. All relevant training materials are provided.


Client Group Application Training

Client Group Training sessions offer initial or refresher training for Administrators or Users in all our solution's key products.

The training will be conducted on a generic application, and follow a set agenda to provide comprehensive detail of the application’s functionality and necessary administrative functions for successful operation.

All class sizes are limited, for personal attention and best results. To assist you in planning your training needs, please contact RMSS for a training schedule.


Client Implementation Workshops

Client Implementation Workshops provide organisations with the knowledge to independently improve and maintain management of internal processes within the application.

These processes include organisational changes, business process review, risk register maintenance as well as understanding of how to manage these changes through CSV uploads.

Improving your organisation’s knowledge of these processes will allow Administrators to gain further insight into the best use of the application.

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