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actionmanager is about improving the day-to-day operational management, efficiency and productivity of a business. The actionmanager provides effective, efficient action item management that ensures follow-up, visibility, compliance and documentation throughout the complete action lifecycle.The actionmanager allows staff to better manage and perform their day to day activities and aids top managers to systemise and improve the critical ‘operational’ areas of the business. Staff actions are aligned with those of the business so they can obtain a better understanding of the business and see that their role is making a relevant contribution. In addition, staff can access all of the information and tools they need to succeed in their roles. Following a unique customisable workflow, the actionmanager is a central repository for all actions.


Key Product Benefits:


• Improved decision making and understanding of organisational objectives;

• Reduced administrative overhead of tracking and following up outstanding action items;

• Increased efficiency by creating and assigning one off actions (previously generated from an event, identified risk or audit);

• Improved response times and communication;

• Improved accountability by auto notification and escalation of outstanding actions according to organisational structure;

• Automated reporting and communication reduces requirements of manually tracking assessment review dates and outstanding actions; • Quickly access and provide key status reports to senior management, reducing administration time taken to collate within the separate modules;

• Provides visibility and transparency through full documentation and audit trail of any action including ability to track approvals, modifications and action acceptance.

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