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Dynamic Forms That Drive Dynamic Workflow by Andrew Howarth - CEO

The RMSS Suite is a Commercially Available Off-The-Shelf Product that operates from day one. It's based on a combination of International and Australian standards along side recognised best practices and user group feedback. The product has had over 20 years market exposure and experience that has all been fed into the product development, roadmap and contributes to it being the best of breed Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)/ Enterprise Risk Intelligence (ERI) solution available off-the-shelf.

One aspect of our product is our Research and Development which enables each user interface form to be dynamically changed by a user with the appropriate authorisations for their specific security group or dataset.The product is then able to behave and direct workflow in different directions through different processes, depending on the data entered into the product by uses. This enables innovative and dynamic workflows to coexist for different categories of risk, compliance and enterprise event management.

The product includes a transaction server that constantly polls and monitors data that is entered into the product through the completely configurable user interface forms and determines the required workflow based on the pre-set parameters of each client; including but not limited to; items as risk scores, control framework status, breaches in treatment plans, overdue activities, incomplete processes, risk occurrences, event severities and potential risk assessments and many more criteria.

This rich combination of data set monitoring and consequential automated workflow management delivers efficiency and effectiveness like no other product available in the market. Further, the return on investment is as fast as it possibly could be from the purchase of an off the shelf software program.

Importantly, it is not expected that all clients will have every detail of their Risk, Compliance, and Enterprise Event Management processes strongly embedded in the knowledge bank of the organisation and its employees. This is another area where the RMSS Suite is able to provide content which includes terminology, workflow, considerable forms, assessment models and more; all based on existing standards (both International and Australian), legislation, regulations, best practice and over 20 years of user feedback.

If you have any questions on our product or would like to contact RMSS, you can so by emailing or calling our Brisbane office on 1300 850 625 or +64 4462 4032 ( our New Zealand Office).

Thanks for reading!

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